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Compliance Management Software

SLATRACK - Implementation at Hospital to track the scheduled task.

SLATRACK - Guard tour management system at Apartment Society

SLATRACK - Guard tour management system for security rounds


A Guard Tour Management Systems



A FMS Task tracking system



A Scheduled Task tracking system


Technology assisted Service Level Agreement tracking

The Facility Management Contracts are changing from Number of People based to Service Level Agreement (SLA) based contracts. This results into the minute tracking of your work force as well as improved productivity to get the maximum work done with less man power.

SLATRACK - the cloud based solution with Mobile interface allows you to track these SLAs very effectively.






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Simple to install and easy to operate solution

Four easy components will make your life easier with improved productivity of the staff as well as meeting the service level agreement.

This improves the customer satisfaction with reduced billing cycle and on time revenue generation.

SLATRACK Components

Portable NFC or QR Enabled device that records sensor data and communicates with Portal for updates.
NFC or QR Printed cards that can be installed very easily and form the checkpoints
Centralized view to see SLA Compliances on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
The stripped down version of the Admin/Web portal where the senior management can view the various reports

Do you need to explore the demo implementation

Please write to us if you would like to explore the SLATRACK demo implementation. Please get a free demo for one week and explore the capability and suitability at your organization.

We support various industry for SLATRACK implementation

Industries where the task tracking is crucial for the business and revenue is linked with the compliance to the task completion, SLATRACK is the best solution for this. The paper based reporting is replaced with the web based reporting on a click of a button.

SLATRACK features for improving the business productivity

SLATRACK is a Real Time guard monitoring system and facility management tracking system which tracks the efficiency of security guard as well as the housekeeping staff for the completion of the scheduled tasks assigned to them. In brief, SLATRACK incorporates all the basic features of a smart guard tour system solution:

Incidence Reports

Monitor incidents in real-time by gathering image, video with staff signature.


Automatic record of check in and check out in real-time giving the ability to track working hours

Guard Tour monitoring

Monitor your guards and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work flow.

NFC / QR codes

Scan NFC tags, QR codes checkpoints placed at key places in premises send immediate alerts and reports.

Track Scheduled Task

Track the compliance of check in of scheduled task at particular checkpoint for completion

Advanced Reporting

Web and Mobile based report access to all the stakeholders including the customers and vendors

Choose the right packages for your need.

If you need more information on choosing the right packages for you, contact us at the one of the number or email us.

Basic Plan

Rs. 2000/ Per Month

  • NFC/QR-Code Checkpoints
  • Tour Management
  • Email Alerts
  • Schedule Management
  • User Mamangement

Standard Plan

Rs. 3500/ Per Month

  • NFC/QR-Code Checkpoints
  • Tour Management
  • Email Alerts
  • Schedule Management
  • User Mamangement


Rs. 5000/ Per Month

  • NFC/QR-Code Checkpoints
  • Tour Management
  • Email Alerts
  • Schedule Management
  • User Mamangement

Read our industry specific case study and map your requirements.

Our existing clients in various Industry have explore and implemented SLATRACK for their business. Since one size never fits all, we called SLATRACK a solution where we meet business specific requirements of our clients


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Apartment society in Mumbai India ensured the 100% security even after having the CCTV implementation...

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